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Seattle SEO John Andrews challenges Sphinn members to prove their mettle as marketers, by pushing Sphinn over 600 for the first time. If you’re new to Sphinn, welcome! and why not throw your first Sphinn onto this historical post?
Read More & Discuss!
I stumbled across this today, apparently this web developer was pissed about having to make more "SEO Changes" to his site ; hilarious! Read More & Discuss!
Back by popular demand - one year later! Read More & Discuss!
10 reasons why search marketers should be engaging with Sphinn - from the selfish to the noble and a few in between. Read More & Discuss!
I may not read 400 SEO blogs every day, but I read at least 50-100 one day per week and these are the things that can make it a pain in the rear experience. Listen up! Read More & Discuss!
I often get asked to review a web site and give quick feedback on the site’s SEO. The issue: Is the site doing well, or in desperate need of SEO help? To answer those questions, I’ve developed a speedy system to go through a site and take a quick… Read More & Discuss!
The biggest list of SEO tools. Ever. Read More & Discuss!
But why is this quiz so wrong? Too many of the questions go beyond the science and into the art of SEO, where things are fluid and changing and open to interpretation. The quiz is more accurately a test of how much of your personal SEO philosophy… Read More & Discuss!
When you start reading down the list, you might think Michael has gone absolutely bonkers, until you get to his explanations further down the page. Read More & Discuss!
Gaining exposure for your blog is critical to building a following, readership, and revenue. Besides the basic SEO steps of adding compelling and keyword friendly titles, URL structure and descriptions (along with the basic Wordpress SEO plugins) basic… Read More & Discuss!
Imagine you’re Google for as moment (I accept that’s not an easy challenge!). Your job is to do the “right” job and fairly and wisely and correctly rank web pages from all across the internet on any given search term. What a job! Read More & Discuss!
We’ve had several threads here on Sphinn debating whether Google will hurt a site for selling links. Now an official answer: yes. If you sell links, Google says it might drop your PR score, penalize you in the rankings or potentially ban your site… Read More & Discuss!
According to Lisa Barone, you can get more than just links from social media. You can also get really great content. And one of the best places to find free content is on Flickr. Read More & Discuss!
Rand Outs a company ranking for SEO Company in Google sighting poor links and Aaron disagrees with the decision to write such a post. Who / where do you stand in this argument? Read More & Discuss!
Inspired by legendary basketball coach John Wooden, the SEO Success Pyramid is a guide to SEO success for everyone who’s new to SEO and online marketing. Includes a free download of a printable graphic. I’d love any feedback! Read More & Discuss!

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