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Another weekly installment of "10 Questions"! This week we got Rae Hoffman in the hot seat kicking and screaming. Or just kinda hanging out.. Read More & Discuss!
Writing mind-blowing content isn’t enough. You also need to create mind-luring headlines. Learn how to do that from this ultimate guide on title writing and get traffic and links. Read More & Discuss!
I’m one of the many SEO’s that recently joined Facebook. My article examines why Facebook isn’t a "waste of time" but an essential social and business networking tool that will only get more important and more prominent as time goes by. Read More & Discuss!
Many SEO sites or SEO company websites are overoptimized and thus look like a pile of garbage. Those 15 SEO companies from all over the world show that SEO and web site design can coexist. More than that, those sites rock! Add your own company in the… Read More & Discuss!
If the site you are redirecting has anything shady going on with it, or if you are a well known SEO, make sure you do not discuss the redirect publicly or register your sites with Google Webmaster Central, otherwise Google might kill the redirect out of… Read More & Discuss!
An interesting tool that allows you to submit to multiple social bookmarking sites from one page. To make things really quick and easy use the FF bookmarklet and then CTRL+{click} yourself to individual sites of your choice. Read More & Discuss!
I know I will take some heat for this one, especially as many will view this as some sort of personal attack against the SEO Community’s Golden Boy. I feel, however, that since many people won’t even recognize a spin job when they see one,… Read More & Discuss!
A fun post from the folks at KoMarketing! I relate to far too many of them... Read More & Discuss!
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A simple experiment to test how many words you can put in the title element and still expect to be indexed and ranked by Google. Read More & Discuss!
Honestly, with all of the Cuttlets out there I’m surprised someone didn’t see the lolcats/Matt Cutts connection before now. :) Read More & Discuss!
An illustrated guide for beginners that explains how to build up a solid network of friends on Digg. Building up a network of legitimate, reciprocal friendships with people whose content you enjoy is by far the best way to help your stories hit the home… Read More & Discuss!
John Andrews gives a quick and easy way to set up a "time bomb" on clients sites using the "Unavailable-After" command. While not something I condone, I admire it’s simplicity and forward thinking. I bet a few people could even come up with some… Read More & Discuss!
An article on how to effectively optimize your AdWords landing page quality score using free tools from Google and W3C. Read More & Discuss!
Often contact pages, directions pages, and other mundane "everyday" pages are overlooked when it comes to optimizing a site. Yet, those pages may present opportunities for organic and Universal Search results that can’t be matched by other pages on… Read More & Discuss!
Great article by SearchEngineWatch about training new search engine optimizers. Most of us need to be reminded of a lot of the traits that make up a good SEO - and this article does just that. Read More & Discuss!
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