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Distilled’s Will Critchlow discusses his seo theory for the morning. Nofollow is dying....
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from onreact 3402 Days ago #
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Nofollow will kill itself. Basically Google soon won’t be able to rely solely on dofollow links as not enough will be left and those are very biased. For instance Delicious is nofollow and even noindex but perfectly shows what’s really high quality and popular. Twitter (this post’s example) as well of course.

from Matt-D 3402 Days ago #
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I thought this from the start, as the introduction of "nofollow" tags seemed to coincide with the gathering momentum of social networks like digg, stumble, and more recently twitter. These networks would actually be the perfect places for google to assess popularity and quality based on link counts, if the links themselves weren’t nofollowed. So Google is really kicking itself by ignoring these links. That is, if it really is ignoring them at all.

from willcritchlow 3401 Days ago #
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Haha. Great comment bruceeb. That demonstrates a still valid use of nofollow, unfortunately...I hope you meant it to be ironic?

from johnandrews 3400 Days ago #
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wow.. look at all those Sphinners with no histories, and now up to 146 Sphinns! I wouldn’t Sphinn this article, because nofollow is of course followed (although page rank may not flow, at G’s discretion of course). And I don’t agree twitter retweets are the same as linkable content", beyond the novelty of being tweets. But that’s just my opinion, and those dozens of Sphinn accounts like slythug and bl4ckw4t3r  obviously are entitled to their own opinions. Nice title for casual social media upvotes, though.

Avatar Moderator
from Jill 3400 Days ago #
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@johnandrews the sphinn admins are aware of the spam sphinns on this and other threads. I believe the users have already been deleted/banned but they’re still working on ensuring that their votes don’t count or show up.

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