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Danny will be giving the SEMpdx Searchfest Keynote on March 10th in Portland. Here, I ask him a half-dozen questions of interest to me (and hopefully to you as well).
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from johnandrews 3342 Days ago #
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Thanks Todd. I like your interview style, but you almost always leave me wondering why you don’t follow up and ask more? Maybe you should do a show like WebProNews, where you can do a Charlie Rose impression? You’d make a good Charlie Rose.For example, here you ask Danny Sullivan " How would you advise a lesser known search marketer to raise their profile?"  and of course he gives an answer that suports his business model (he sells search marketing news and commentary, and conference tickets, so naturally he suggests people blog the detals of their own SEO knowledge, expose their secrets, and attract an informaton-seeking audience).That’s a perfect set up to dig deeper, and ask about how that sort of publishing of SEO knowledge leads to neutralization of the effectiveness of the SEO, with no direct benefit to the writer. Since search conferences don’t pay their speakers, it’s clear who extracted the value from those efforts. I’d love to see Todd Mintz dig deeper into the issues and get answers to some of these issues that effect all of us... any chance of seeing that?

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from toddmintz 3342 Days ago #
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John, the purpose of the SearchFest series of interviews is promotional...both for SearchFest and for the people answering the questions.  The interview format is deliberately designed to give the interviewee the opportunity to make themselves look good to our audience (and oh by the way, that person will be speaking at our event).Sure, I’d like to ask Danny 20 more questions and perhaps dig deeper on some of his responses. But I respect his time and I (along with the rest of the SEMpdx Board) am very grateful for his willingness to answer my questions and keynote our event.  A "harder edge" interview would not be appropriate and would not set the sort of tone with Danny that SEMpdx wishes to convey.

from johnandrews 3341 Days ago #
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Got it.. which is why that interview is not the place for comments about you considering doing more in depth interviews. I had one on me as well.. it’s for a purpose.But seriously.. you should consider doing more interviews, perhaps in an interview context. I’m not talking about any "hard edge" anything... you obviously know how to ask questions, know what’s up in search world, and can do us all a favor by interviewing the people speaking to the rest of the world as representatives of all of us (see today’s NYT article on SEO citing Danny a suggestion and hopefully a compliment.

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