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Comparing 3 corporate blogs James Duthie does a solid job of quelling the fear that users will come in to bash the brand. The majority of comments is either positive or neutral -- but one blog stands out with mainly positive comments. Why? What did they do different?
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from bwelford 3344 Days ago #
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Customers will talk about you anyway.  You can either be only the object of the conversation or you can participate and perhaps change the whole tone of the dialogue.  It should be a no-brainer.

from Ruud 3343 Days ago #
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Social media is PR of the soul.<div></div><div></div><div>To do this you need someone (brand evangelist) who’s passionate about or at least engaged with your brand. Likewise they need to be "into" social media. Let somebody like that lose on it and you can’t fail. Someone like that won’t keep your brand absent nor be condescending towards (potential) customers.</div><div></div><div></div><div>Of course the beauty is that when done right this person will spark the fire of volunteer brand evangelists. Somebody like Richard Barley on Twitter for example who is a TweetDeck evangelist.</div>

from onreact 3342 Days ago #
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There is mistake in the headline. Isn’t it the "the customers"? Aside of that great case studies.

from Winooski 3342 Days ago #
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onreact, in this case, "customer’s" is a contraction of "customer is".

from JamesDuthie 3341 Days ago #
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It should be a no-brainer Barry. But I still meet resistance every day. Perhaps we’re just a little backwards down here in Australia still...

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