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Over the weekend I [Loren Baker] was asked twice about social bookmarking and links, and whether or not those social links have SEO value.

I find that the answer to this question is detemined on how one values SEO and linking. Sure, some of the links from bookmarking sites do not use nofollow, and this may help with your search rankings and inbound linking. I’m a big fan of the verticalization of linking, so I believe that if a niche social media site links to a site which shares its same vertical niche and target, the link is worth more.
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from stevenmlewis 3391 Days ago #
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My personal opinion is social Media Profiles and bookmarking provide low-quality links... especially because of the saturation of Internet "wanna-be’s" -- everyone is peddling too much recyled information that only people with truely ’original" and relevant information can gain a substantial link value from social bookmarking. (Just an opinion only). ;)

from slaphappychappie 3391 Days ago #
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Much surely depends on the objective of the links. Building links for SEO purposes or links to generate genuine quality interested visitors to your site.As Steven says, there’s so much wannabee activity that many posts / sites get a cursory view before moving on. It’s very important, therefore, to monitor stats and in paricular bounce rates - the search engine spiders are watching!

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