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Matt Cutts answers whether or not Google cares if you remove the underline from links.
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from JMorris 3385 Days ago #
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At first glance, I was going to desphinn this. It seemed rather common sense. However, after reading your points and the points made by Matt, I can see where a newcomer to SEO and web design would fail this basic common sense link test. Sadly, I’ve seen many do the very examples given.Common sense for the savvy, but not common sense for the average.Thanks for sharing.

from Gab 3385 Days ago #
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I’ll recognize this isn’t cutting edge stuff, but I disagree as to it being beginner. And knowing where Google draws the line between deceptive hidden links and legit styling is useful to not accidentally run afoul. I recall SEOmoz - a leading shop if ever there was one - got their Web 2.0 awards penalized for some messy CSS that looked deceptive. On a related note, folks reading this may find this tip to keep sexy header images of text while still making effective use of h1s/h2s (without wrapping them around the image/using alt text) interesting.

from mwiegand77 3383 Days ago #
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Good for everybody to know where the line is between cloaking and making a link aesthetically work with an unconventional design.

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