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Google AdWords ripped off this firm for $3200! When they restarted paused campaigns by clicking ’resume all,’ Google also resumed deleted campaigns, with all adgroups and ads deleted too!

Read this for more, and also for the clever solution in case Google errors relaunch "deleted" campaigns on you.
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from danielallen 3314 Days ago #
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One comment in this article had some great insight:<cite>Bryan</cite> Says: March 20th, 2009 at 4:46 pm I’ve had some screwy things happen to my paused / resumed campaigns too, mostly having to do with sluggish impressions once I resumed. Now whenever I need to pause a campaign I just lower the daily budget to $1 instead rather than risk the wild cards that pausing can introduce. Good idea and something I can really use! Too bad Google hasn’t fixed this yet...or maybe it works exactly how they want it to? *wink *wink

from JeremyLuebke 3314 Days ago #
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I can understand why they wouldn’t physically delete anything, because a user may want to go back and use the data, analytics, billing info, ect. But come on, you can turn deleted campaigns back on? That’s just idiotic.

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