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Jill Whalen at Search Engine Land:

It seems that once a year for the past five years or so, a search engine representative will stand up at a conference and announce that they are now indexing Flash. Website designers jump with glee, and SEOs lament that all the work they did educating their clients on why they need to curb their use of Flash will be for naught...

Of course if the search engines truly are indexing Flash this time around, then what’s the problem?
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from Silver 3315 Days ago #
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Thumbs-up on this article!Jill points out that the classic, simple approach to web design still functions better in the case of Flash content versus regular HTML text -- well worth remembering for all ecomm sites.

from ericasholt 3315 Days ago #
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Thanks for breaking this down in a completely understandable way!

from ChiefRabbit 3314 Days ago #
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Thanks, Jill, for the informative report. I keep hearing about how Google and Adobe are "working together" to index Flash consistently and coherently. Though I’ll keep snooping out all the reports, I do appreciate reading an article written clearly in English and not "techese."

from beussery 3314 Days ago #
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As commented on SEL, great post!

from massa 3313 Days ago #
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I’ve always admired Jill’s ability to talk tech without talking down to the less initiated massa’s. While nothing if not prolific, this is one of her best IMO.Kooo dose 2 wailin 

from AlanBleiweiss 3313 Days ago #
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Jill, Thank you for keeping the Flash as viable for SEO myth in the public venue.  It’s almost sad when I get a new client who asks me to find out why their site isn’t coming up for any relevant phrases even though their developer said not to worry because Flash is now being indexed.  Business owners spend a great deal of money that ends up costing them business because of the marketing hype. 

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from Jill 3313 Days ago #
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Thanks, all! I had been meaning to write that article for awhile, and the recent news (again) of there being "good flash" caused me to take a fresh look.<div></div><div>That said, I do believe you can use Flash correctly these days and have it be search friendly. The thing is, most aren’t using it that way.</div>

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