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Lisa Barone: Yelp announced that they’ll soon let businesses respond to the critiques and the not-so-glowing reviews made against them on the site. I know, this should be good news, but, holy heaven does it make me nervous. Let’s face it, social skills and a beating heart aren’t necessarily two characteristics common to most organizations. Giving them a microphone to address the people vocally speaking out against them, well, let’s just say this could go horribly wrong.
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from robwoods 3328 Days ago #
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Another great article by Lisa Barone. I actually heard about it from our SMM guy before I saw it here. He loved it! Thanks yet again for the great info.

from RandyRay 3328 Days ago #
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Should be a must-read for every corporation with 1 employee or more.

from nickleung 3328 Days ago #
Votes: 0 already allows business owners to reply back publicly. They also allow the customers to help each other through public posts.

from purdue512 3327 Days ago #
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Why wouldn’t this be a good thing? Seems like one-way communication is never as good as two-way communication. And as the author points out, there are some people who are just out for blood - for whatever reason. It’s not exactly fair to give them the mic without an opportunity to respond.I think the idea that you can, or that it is even admirable, to flame people or businesses publicly online is just not appropriate. Yes, there needs to be accountability. No doubt. But there also needs to be respect. When you have a legitimate issue, you should be able to share it with the public - with respect given to all parties. Perhaps this change will be a good balance...

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