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The major change is that anyone who is not logged in as a Digg user, will not see the DiggBar, on or off They will instead be 301 redirected to the publisher’s site. Logged in users will see the DiggBar, unless they choose to opt-out through their personal account settings.
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from iamlost 3468 Days ago #
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So Digg went way out on a limb, got yelled at for bad behaviour, retreated just a bit, and now deserve a pat on the back?This is not a glass half full, half empty situation. It remains page hi-jacking. That Digg will ’allow’ lurkers to follow a 301 rather than a direct link while retaining registered (logged in) higher value visitors is, to put it mildly, crap, smoke and mirrors and an illusion of ’meeting half way’. That anyone in the webdev community would fall for such is beyond sad, it is pitiful.

from onreact 3467 Days ago #
Votes: 1

This is a big win for the SEO industry and the blogosphere. We have some major impact. On the other hand though I’d be cautious hailing Digg for being publisher or SEO friendy. They never cared for both groups, DdoSing and burying them. So we’ll have to monitor the influence the DiggBar will have for a while before drawing positive conclusions.

from jonathonhewitt 3381 Days ago #
Votes: 0

I dont like what they are doing with the digg bar and stealing link juice with the url shortner

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