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Oh, this is going to cause quite a stir, I’m sure, but Marty didn’t pull punches with this knock on the A-listers. Gotta love it!
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from baiduyou 3825 Days ago #
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Heh.With all these introspectives on the industry’s supposed rock stars and posts about posts about posts, I think Marty deserves his own Sphinn gossip column.  ;)This is baiduyou, reporting exclusively from Sphinn - strictly on the QT.

from Lyndon 3825 Days ago #
Votes: 3

I’m still waiting for someone to explain what an A list blogger and rock star is.

from DazzlinDonna 3825 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Hint:  Not us.  :D

from toprank 3825 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Call it what it is, "clickbait".

from IncrediBILL 3825 Days ago #
Votes: 1

HINT: stop sphinning and discussing the a-listers and sphinn and discuss the little people and you’ll become the a-listers ... D’OH!

from aimClear 3824 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Bill, thanks for the comment. I’m sure everyone appreciates your thoughful insight. Lee, the content kept the promise of headline-whether you agree with it or not. I was surprised at the interest and simply went with it. Apparently the topic happened to resonate with a good many folks. As for me I was simply waxing poetically on what appears to be a relevant issue. So far as calling it clickbait…what’s wrong clickbait..gotta have it? The substance is part of an ongoing community dialog regardless of whether you think it’s pap.  The dialog is validated by how may readers engage. Like YOU’VE never written clickbait Lee :) Come on now…

from MikeMarshall 3823 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Watch out Marty!  An A-lister has taken notice and fulfilled the prophecy of the article!

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