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What I can’t stand is when a search engine tries to tell me how I’ve to link (out).

Dear Googlers, please –WRT to the implementation of hyperlinks– leave us webmasters alone, dump the rel-nofollow crap and rank our stuff in the best interest of your searchers. No longer bother us with linking guidelines that change yearly. It’s not our job nor responsibility to act as your slavish code monkeys when you spot a loophole in your ranking- or spam-detection-algos.

To prevent webmasters from irrational actions by misleaded search engines, I hereby introduce the

Webmaster guidelines for search engine friendly links.

(The article supplies code and destructions, err .. kinda manual.)

Just feed the crawlers with all the crap the search engines require, then concentrate your efforts on your UI for human vistors.

Web robots (bots, crawlers, spiders, ...) don’t supply your signup-forms with credit card details. Humans do. If you find the time to upsell them while search engines keep you busy with thoughtless change requests all day long.
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from jessandunnotis 3287 Days ago #
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Speak to/market to/code/write to/for -- h u m a n   b e i n g s.Cheers! (...and, thanks, Sebastian)

from TalkingCactus 3286 Days ago #
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All of my Web sites are built for the end user.I got sick and tired of constantly changing things every time Google found a loophole in one of their algo’s... as Sebastian put it so eloquently. :-)

from SimonStark 3283 Days ago #
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Great article. It’s a classic! :)

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