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Brent Csutoras takes an in depth look at Digg’s "shout" feature, showcasing how to use it, what specific Digg members think and suggestions for when it may or may not be appropriate to use the function.
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from TripleAught 4364 Days ago #
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Isn’t this the issue that all social media is facing in one form or another?  Marketing through social media currently tends to be disruptive to the ’normal’ uses of these sites.I think that it will be self-correcting as the users get more savvy and the marketers (hopefully) learn how to respect the communities.(Note, I’m using Marketer very, very broadly here to include anyone promoting their own content.  This is another line that is getting blurred as individual users try to build their personal brands)

from BrentCsutoras 4364 Days ago #
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I don’t think i would agree. I don’t know any way to mass message people on Reddit, Propeller, Sphinn, or StumbleUpon. On a whole though Spam is a problem. So i guess i can agree there.

from Eavesy 4364 Days ago #
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I have already voiced my opinion on this, I am against it because it doesn’t work when I try it, I get told off and I get buried. Sometimes with SU it has to be done, with propeller you have hardly any chance without shouts, I don’t think you can with reddit or this site, not automatically anyway.

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