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Great list of tweeps to follow from North South Media.
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from NorthSouthMedia 3266 Days ago #
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Thanks a lot for the submission, Kevin

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from Jill 3265 Days ago #
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Couldn’t disagree more, @bhartzer IMO #followfriday is evil and will take Twitter down with it if it keeps up as it is. I unfollow anyone I see participating in it with a list of of people to follow in a bunch of tweets. Blech. What a waste of Twitter bandwidth.

from MiguelGomez 3264 Days ago #
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I tend to think we would all love to have more followers, but in the end, to just randomly start following people because it is the "in" thing to do and you want to increase your followers, will leave you high and dry .  Better to follow content and people who are going to be of interest, both professionaly and socialy.  You’ll still build up a great list of people over time.  BTW, I found some of the people he listed in the article to be very good.

from click2dennis 3263 Days ago #
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As I often do, I agree with Jill on this @bhartzer... Follow Friday is kinda like- oh I don’t know- rating periods in Television and Radio.  Do you remember all the stunts they would play during rating period in an effort to artificially inflate their ratings? Twitter is new Media and artificially inflating your followers is the WRONG thing to do.  If there are meaningful contributions being made, I’ll follow someone and I focus on providing meaningful content and find it a compliment that I am being followed by "only" around 80.  I wrote a blog post that is right on topic with this.  Check it our if you’re interested.  I think people who participate in Follow Fridays are often (not always) TWITS.

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