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I have never reported a competitor, never will and believe heavily in karma and that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Quite a few folks in the audience clapped loudly, quite a few looked at me and rolled their eyes. It’s a touchy subject, but one I feel strongly on, and I’ll tell you why.
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from crimsongirl 3182 Days ago #
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People who preach focusing all your efforts on improving your site and getting links to your site without bothering yourself with the competitors – those people are like the basketball coach who tells his team to focus only on offense and not play defense.  Yeah, you might end up scoring more points than the opposition that way, but most successful teams employ a defensive strategy, too.

Google is too powerful – most of us will agree.  But this isn’t Google vs. webmasters.  It’s one webmaster vs. other webmasters.  This is competition.  It’s a zero sum game.  It’s not win-win.  It’s win-lose.  Every time a website climbs onto the first page of SERPS, another site is kicked off that page.

If people worry about Google getting too powerful, what they should do is remove Google analytics and instead use one of the many fine analytics packages on the market.  Google is too powerful partly because they know so much through Google analytics, which has unfortunately become the default go-to analytics solution for small businesses.  It’s through use of Google analytics and other Google products that we, the webmaster community, collectively make Google strong – not by reporting paid links.

from tynansanger 3182 Days ago #
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The only instance I could think where it would make business sense to report an SEO competitor is if they are competing with your keywords directly. It serves no purpose to the industry at large to report on black hat unrelated keywords, but if another SEO is gaining an advantage over your keywords via blackhat and your business is being harmed because of it, I'd report it. That's so exceedingly rare, though.

from Suthnautr 3182 Days ago #
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Assuming this article isn't referring to the "hacks" and "wannabe" black hatters but those up at the top of the heap amongst the best of the known SEOs, they probably could do a damned good job of white hat should there be a reason.  After all, nobody could get away with building nothing but 100% black hat sites using nothing but black hat methods for long and not be found out.  It's just not possible.

What I liked most about this article though, as with most of what Rae Hoffman writes, is that her focus is on the math.  It's all about the statistics, what works, what trends can she see, where is the strongest movement, and so forth.  Rae is a number cruncher, not a head scratcher, so what she suggests works for her and for people like her, including myself.

It's clear to me anyway that the goody two shoes whiney "I'm telling" white hats would likely be just as incapable of ranking even if nobody were cheating.  The challenge is finding out what any site is doing right and then do it one better.  Sometimes it just takes something as simple as removing what doesn't revolve around what the latent semantic indexing expects to find related to the main niche keywords to make it work better - whether that be on the back-link sites and pages or on the main site itself that the links are pointing to.  Frankly the guy whos doing the tattle tailing would gain more by blackmailing the one he suspects by getting him to teach him what he knows than by turning him in.

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from nickfb76 3178 Days ago #
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This is a fantastic article!  We liked it so much that we decided to write an article on our site with our opinions on the matter. (We linked to your article since you sparked the interest!)  Thanks for the great article and the for the topic to write on!  Its a great concept that many people don't share the same views on.

Don't tattle to Google!

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