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Instead of simply copying Digg, Mixx actually NoFollowed all of their links in response to a penalty from Google, and then implemented this new policy in response to feedback from the Mixx community. I found this to be interesting, because it shows Google is getting serious about controlling social spam and isn’t afraid to hand out penalties, even when its to a well-established site like Mixx. Interesting to note too, that Mixx is still NoFollowing some of the stories that make it to the Popular page.
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from Cindytoytoy 3166 Days ago #
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Whilst I abhor spam as much as the next man and woman, I do wonder what Google is going to do with it's algorithm when it's nagging has caused all sites to go nofollow.

from username1 removed by request 3166 Days ago #
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Agreed! My sentiments exactly. It's getting to te point that pretty soon everything on the web will be no follow.

from JohnMcD 3166 Days ago #
Votes: 3

Nofollow is a philosophy that says spam is OK for humans but not good enough for Google's bots.

from seobro 3164 Days ago #
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I hate the nofollow craze. OK we use to mixx it up, but now...

Google is crashing the whole social networking scene. What an ugly company, at least microsoft never started telling people how to set up your web sites, or they would force windows to reboot.

from tomachi 3164 Days ago #
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I've stopped using NoFollow on any internal links. Why? Google is now "evaporating" your page rank slice that goes out to these links. Beats me why they do this since it would mean to get the same effect you'd need to hide them using some weird non-crawlable Javascript (bad idea).

NoFollow has now reverted back to its original purpose - for marking user created links to off-domain pages. That's all it should be used for. :)

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