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If you’re engaging in any sort of link building or online advertising campaign, these are important questions to ask and get clear answers to.
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from jaxrolo 2414 Days ago #
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I am going to start concentraing on building good quality backlinks. This has been one of my weak points in SEO

from SpammyGreenDot 2414 Days ago #
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@jaxrolo easier said than done.

from jatrasmara 2414 Days ago #
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doing link building it's not easy, it's hard work

from jessedictor 2413 Days ago #
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A rehash of generic information having to do with link building. He mostly ignored the topic of 'how do you get white hat links' and focused on making sure the link you get back are good links. If your into SEO enough to be here on Sphinn, I'd assume you'd already know this.


Link building isn't hard in the working sense- as most of the work tends to be genericly writing having a dialogue with many people.

Best way to handle trace amounts of link building? Talk to other people who handle SEO. They're the ones who will link swap on relevent subjects with out very much difficulty. Check the class c address, and stay aware of who you work with. If every one here has a class c address, simply getting to know ten of them could be ten inbound links for one of your sites. Its all about networking.

from RobertW 2402 Days ago #
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The post addresses an important question... in terms of assuming SEO value in links. But the author forgot a few main things to mention:

-Even the best webpage offering a link maybe useless if it is saturated with too many links.

-Age is important - as new sites typically don't pass authority.

-All things being equal - how you utilize anchor text will make the difference in the value of your link portfolio.

-relavancy - is the site/page relavent based on the authority links into that linking page - not just the content.

-Is the linking page permanent - eg. blog posts move as new ones are added - if you get a link in a blog post will it be indexed in 3 months? How does the site move pages and archive?

There are many other factors as well - but the one I stated are basic ones that need to be consideredd before further evaluation.

I typically look at other o/b links on a linking page - search the anchor text used in those links and see how those linked sites rank. I also like to see if a site passes PR to its inner pages that are not linked to externally.

There is a lot more you can do to understand if a site is an authority and will pass authority.

from RobertW 2401 Days ago #
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After writing that really long comment I realized it's still Not helpful enough - so I just wrote a follow up post on my own blog - with a lot more detail on how to assess link value - what to look for, signs, etc. I hope it helps.

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