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Jill tells it like it is - why some advice is just bad advice
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from username1 removed by request 3176 Days ago #
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I went back and read Rands post and I have to say I agree with pretty much everything he said. Specifically.

"SEO is a task that requires paying close attention to the needs of both users and engines. You can't be an effective SEO without it."

Sounds pretty dead on to me. I think some people tend to take one extreme or the other when the the truth is they are both equally important. Personally I get annoyed when people say forget about SEO and focus on users and the search engines will reward you.... Of course usability and user experience is also very important. It would be equally ridiculous to say focus only on SEO. The truth is they are both equally important.

from mr603 3175 Days ago #
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The problem is, when I read his article that sentence you quoted sounded like a tacked-on disclaimer that maybe you'd have to give equal time to both.

The rest of the post seemed to be "forget customers, forget marketing and forget everything the rest of the SEO blogosphere is saying - focus on SEO and nothing else".

I have to agree with Jill on this one.

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from Jill 3175 Days ago #
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@htownseoguy you said:

"I get annoyed when people say forget about SEO and focus on users and the search engines will reward you...."

But who has ever in the history of SEO said that? Certainly not anyone who's actually an SEO. And none worth their salt.

Which is another exception I took to Rand's article. He wrote it as if that's what some SEOs say all the time, which of course they don't.

from thefraj 3174 Days ago #
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I agree with what you say, which is essentially the 'customer is always right', ultimately the search engines goal is to satisfy the visitor / searcher first.

This is not to say you can't also satisfy the needs of the client.  But what this does mean is that you cannot stray too far away from the topic the potential visitor is searching for, and need content that will satisfy a potential visitor.  If you optimise for things far outside of the request, questions or topic your page deals with, then your bounce rate will suffer, and Google will adjust itself accordingly (moving your website down!)Like most things in the Universe, it is about balance.

Hmmm ... almost blogworthy in itself!

from thefandango 3173 Days ago #
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You get traffic through SEO, you rarely get traffic from "great content" unless you already have traffic to spread that "great content".

It is this chicken and egg, utopian view of the net that Google spouts on about that ignores that fact that SEO and manipulation get results, and peoples livelihoods depends on it.

To say:

"The sites/pages that should win in the search engines are those that best solve the searcher’s (user’s) problem, fill their needs or provide them with the information they are seeking."

Is insanely naive, and wholly unrealistic.  Content that solves a problem will rarely be found unless it has been optimized for the bots and heavily linked to.  That Google mind trick is powerful I give them that.

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