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Ever think to yourself "I’ve contacted some of the sites that have linked to my competitors and requested that they link to me, but have never heard back.  What do I do?"  Well read up young grasshopper, as this article show you how to get those requests answered.
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from sithburns 3173 Days ago #
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Sphunn.. but isn't this method of link building a little outdated these days? Is this a big part of a link campaign still, emailing people directly and asking for reciprocal links? There are so many better ways to acquire links today..

from MattSiltala 3173 Days ago #
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@sithbums - agree that there are many better methods to link building then this these days.  I was simply answering the question, but important to point out that some of my best links, and relationships have come from this open method of communicating with people in similar industries and asking for links.

from cumuniversity 3172 Days ago #
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Well read up young grasshopper, as this article show you how to get those requests answered.

from thefandango 3172 Days ago #
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The answer is to find other more realistic ways to build backlinks and stop begging for a link from other sites like a child.

Of course they did not hear back - people only reply if it is for a reciprocal link.

from crashingflwrgrl 3172 Days ago #
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Since when did *asking* become a bad way of getting something?!

As a site owner, there are a LOT of clean ways to build backlinks. How successful you are at it though, depends on your industry, your experience level and your (realistic) abilities. If asking for links is "beneath" you, then I guarantee you're missing out on some great opportunities.

As an example, I recently came across a 4 month old article written about my industry, by a prominent online media source. It even contained a nice little list of resource links within.

Since one of the sites they linked to was no longer operational, I took the liberty of emailing the article author about it. I let her know which link was dead and ASKED her if she would mind replacing it with *my* highly related site. She happily did. My point is, had I been to proud to ASK, that link would never have been.

The bottom line is, if you're experienced enough to know the important role that backlinks play in the success of your online business, then why *wouldn't* you utilize every (clean) means available to you, in order to facilitate that success?

from debram 3171 Days ago #
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@IBL - People will reply if you offer them something, even if it's a better source like Melanie did (good one :)

@sithburns - I agree, the old, "link to me I'll link to you" concept is pretty much dead, but we still use email as first line intro when going after link partners.   When you're going after someone, figure out what point of commonality you all share and play on that, it helps get you in the door and out of the spam bin.  (it's the old "not what you know, but who" thing)

from darrenz 3170 Days ago #
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We know link development is tedious work and relying on only pure passive links isn't always the most effective strategy, and while the idea of the reciprocal link strategy might be outdated there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a link. I mean if I really want the link I have no problem picking up the phone or sending an email. And yes, I will go to the extent of sending a letter if I really wanted that link. I've picked up some of my strongest links by asking, sometimes having to ask several times over several months before getting the link, but I often get them. If you're not asking you are likely missing out on some of your best inbound link opportunities.     

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