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Nasty world of Black Hat Seo.

You are at a cross roads, you have done everything to your Website, forum, or blog and users or customers are runing away to your competitor.

You tried everything link exchange but Google said you are violating Google Quality Guidelines, buying links Goolge said no, no, Adsense just does not work anymore, Linkbait waste of time, viral videos shwing your grandma in a shower!

Meanwhile your competition is rocking PR 8, 7, 6, wow you wish you could get that, but no way. moniterizing on Adsense like a fat stuffed pig, selling widgets left and right,meanwhile you are thinking of trashing it all and getting a job at Mcdonalds flipping burgers at minimum wage!

Do not despair, Black Hate SEO is here to help!

1. Get a fake identity in selected industry and Spam and Flame the users peretending to be on blogs, on blogs, forums, and social networks.

2. Pretend to be an inocent victim and say junk about

3. Set up evil redirect twith an anonymous proxy Website with juicy key words like Blah Blah Blah, Foo, Foo, Foo, some nice explicit graphics would be atractive, now 302 redirect to

Hey even if the wise users will know you are a Troll, the unaware will bite for your Sphinn.
Google will index the crap and the newbies will run like hell from

I promiss you, your competition will be crying uncle in less than a month and everyone will be coming to your Website, blog, forum, and no one will know that yu have done it, because you have used an a fake alies...

Sound great, you are sold on this, right?

Stop! Bip Bop, Bip Bob! Will you be able to live with yourself?

I would never do this! Wait, let me clarify myself, not never, but almost never. If after careful investigation I find out my competitor has done something like this to one of my Websites, I would retaliate nuclear!

Remember a criminal always gets caught, there is no perfect crime! Only in mystery novels!

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from theGypsy 3818 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Black Hate SEO??? He he.... you may want to fix that typo mate..... :0)

from baiduyou 3818 Days ago #
Votes: 0


from igorthetroll 3818 Days ago #
Votes: -1

Gypsy, doing it in the dark, while my baby asleep!Dangerous stuff!But maybe, Black Hate SEO works out right..:) How about Black Heart SEO.

from qwerty 3818 Days ago #
Votes: 1

There’s another typo that brings up some unpleasant thoughts:"viral videos shwing your grandma in a shower!"

from igorthetroll 3817 Days ago #
Votes: -1

Thanks, I definitely do not want to see my grandmother in a shower..:)Maybe Vanessa Fox Nude, ok!

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