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When a car salesman sells a car, the car buyer knows what a car is, what car dealers are, and how to drive. With SEO there are definitely knowledgeable buyers, but there are thousands who become clients in an industry they know little about. Here are some tips for someone new to SEO and who plans to work with an optimizer.

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from qwerty 3153 Days ago #
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Links are valuable when they come from relevant sources, and directories are just about the least relevant set up possible. Your link is included with tons of others, from a page with little content, and a large chunk are for money, against Google link-buy guidelines.

I'm not aware of anyone from Google specifically stating that listings in directories that charge a submission fee were viewed by the engine as paid links.

from rjonesy 3152 Days ago #
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My company doesn't do a large amount of directory listings, but I know that the "relevant sources" argument is still over emphasized.  Many of the best links come from wholly unrelated sources, such as a testimonial from a blogger who otherwise never writes about anything related to your products or services. This is not to say that relevant links are not valuable, but simply that any SEO who relies solely upon them is missing out on opportunities.

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