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Information on some Sphinn updates and the new Sphinn Member offering. Recommended reading for all Sphinn users, new and old.
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Avatar Moderator
from nickfb76 3153 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Congrats on the advancement from Beta!

from o3man 3153 Days ago #
Votes: -3

Could you like stop nofollowing everything? I want to post some great stories on SEO.

from evilgreenmonkey 3153 Days ago #
Votes: 1

o3man - We do actually take off the nofollow for stories hitting the homepage. Removing all of the nofollows will result in an influx of spam and the submission of stories just to get links. If your industry news is good, it should hit the homepage and you'll get your link. Please don't use Sphinn just as a source of links though.

from cosmiccarl 3153 Days ago #
Votes: -2

There are too few people on SPHINX that is what Yahoo puts on position one to get most stories to the front page. Observe that few stories (less than 1%) ever win front page. It is like the lotto. This is a total cop out.Get rid of nofollow now! And stop blaming spammers, we get like twenty stories about "rorex reprica" every morning. Wake up, nofollow is a DIGGsaster.

Avatar Moderator
from Sebastian 3150 Days ago #
Votes: 2

ComicCarl, I pretty much disapprove everything blindly condomizing links, like "black holes" build by Wikipedia for example. As for reasonable use of rel-nofollow, like at Sphinn, that's a completely other story. Sphinn has to protect itself from folks like you. I mean, if you as a link builder are not capable of crafting out great content that makes the Sphinn home page, why bother playing lotto with low quality submissions at all?

Avatar Administrator
from Michelle 3146 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Admin Note: the post has been updated and a new guideline re: video submissions has been added to the Sphinn Guidelines:

Video submissions are not allowed, unless the video content is also accompanied by a summary of the main points said in the video. This is to help ensure members voting up video content actually understand what's in it. It also helps moderators who need to review for spam or quality issues. In some extraordinary cases, video content from extremely trusted sources or which has gathered much online commentary will be allowed.

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