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Voting is now open for the top 100 online marketers of 2009. We received hundreds of nominations and boiled the final list to 223 names.
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from BrentCsutoras 3092 Days ago #
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OMG that is a great list of folks.. Good luck everyone.

from coolice 3089 Days ago #
Votes: 0

My last coment here was arested ? I just want to ask are there in the list gurus which ranks form real hard core market niches like: ( you know which terms are arested)

from NickWilsdon 3089 Days ago #
Votes: 0


I know what you're trying to say, and it's a valid point. Many excellent SEMs are not publicly known - either because they don't want/need the attention or they are working inhouse. The problem is though - how do you put them on a list if you don't know their names? It's impossible to put together a true top marketers list from that standpoint. The social aspect makes it even less fair; even if they did get nominated, too few would recognise their names to vote on them.

Unlike other media awards we don't have any campaigns or results to view that show the skills of the people/agencies concerned. The parameters of the vote is also poorly defined, are we voting for person/agency getting the best results currently? In which case why is Rand Fishkin there - AFAIK Moz aren't doing client work anymore. Are we voting for best online marketing blogger? In which case Rand does a great job.

Ultimately though lists like this should be renamed "Top Famous Online Marketers of 2009" to be more accurate. It's a sign of a good marketer that they can market themselves and get on these lists but it isn't necessarily a reflection of their actual SEM skills or achievements.

The author should have a look at eConsultancy and other media communities to develop a more defined industry vote that is based on the achievements of people/agencies over the past year. Of course people are reluctant to make our work 'known' to our competitors and SE's reps but it would be a more mature way of approaching this topic.

Nominees could give the kind of details Brent gave in the overview of his work at the Tribune in the year. That would be informative and give people a better basis to vote IMHO.

Desphinn from RichardShove 3088 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Sorry, but this list is awful, it's basically a dump of someone's follow list on Twitter. Since when has Matt Cutts been an online marketer?

from onreact 3088 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Thank you and the SEO community for putting me on this list. Obviously enough people have voted for me to get nominated.

One little suggestion: You might want to add "/Tad Chef" to my name as many people only know my short alias instead of the really difficult to spell and pronounce one.

@NickWilsdon I guess it's about being influential measured by the effect on the public.

@RichardStove I'm not even sure whether the Invesp people follow me or I follow them. I have to look it up though and add them ;-)

Btw. I don't mind if you vote for Seth Godin, Vitaly Friedman or Rand Fishkin etc. instead of myself. I'm not that influential (yet).

from Inchoo 3086 Days ago #
Votes: 1

I'd like to vote for at least 10 of these people on the list!

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