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Google has recently added a “Report A Problem” Link for reporting business Listing spam & errors from within Maps. The link is available via the business listing info bubble where once you select “Edit” you are presented with a “Report A Problem” link that takes you to a short form.
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from Gab 3037 Days ago #
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It'll be interesting to see if these get ignored or acted on immediately. If Google favour leaving errors in place to test algorithmic solutions, they're going to tick off lots of SMBs. Maybe if they had some google-only cache of errors they could test their algos on while editing the public listing that would solve things?

from earlpearl 3036 Days ago #
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Gab:  I can vouch that they ignore complaints.  I'm tracking the number of times I complain.  I'd have to go back and look at my records but the # is already in double digits.  It does tick off SMB's, at least this one.  If you go into the records and see the comments from SMB operators or the SEO's that work on behalf of SMB's you will see how ticked off operators are.  Google's response within the forums are sporadic.  It almost seems like they "sporadically raid" the forum to address issues.  This can occur for a day or two or three and then for days there aren't responses.Meanwhile, one thing left me terribly suspiceous.  A short while agoI was looking for the phone number for a local Holiday Inn relative to some real business issues to discuss.  I searched for the Holiday Inn by name.  A onemap appeared with a link to Ramada!!!!  (whoa).  I did 3 things quickly.  Entered the problem in google groups.  Then made 2 contact phone calls to Holiday Inn to get the info corrected. day the record was corrected and the onebox was showing the Holiday Inn link.  Meanwile I got back to the 2 Holiday Inn contacts.  They hadn't acted.Google quietly fixed the record within a day.  A google employee never commented.Hmmmm......Is Google taking care of big clients ie big PPC clients.....and leaving small SMB's to hang out to dry?  Very suspicous.

from mblumenthal 3036 Days ago #
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Yes, the Google "way" of solving all problems via algo does not work very well when this spam is obvious, painful and contrary to ground truth. In the past they have only removed very high profile cases and all else sits and awaits time for the system to be "innoculated".

The delay, which can seem like 2 lifetimes to a struggling SMB, is a PR disaster waiting to happen.

from username1 removed by request 3035 Days ago #
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Hopefully this will help eliminate some of the spammy crap that makes it into maps but I'm not holding my breath.

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