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Thought all you Sphinnsters would enjoy some local search prognostication for 2010.
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from andrewsho 3031 Days ago #
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Hmm George, curious how you define "complete"?  Not sure I have ever seen a "complete" set of predictions for anything.

Re the rubbish, which of the predictions would you say indicates the huge amount of crack you think I am smoking?

from aimClear 3031 Days ago #
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I think you're not the one smoking crack andrewsho.

from Gab 3030 Days ago #
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Gab's complete list of predictions for 2010:

1) People will continue to disagree w/ each other's opinions online

2) A certain percentage of those will devolve to flame wars

3) The web's tonelessness will continue to exacerbate such problems as non-personal challenges to opinions are perceived as personal attacks

4) I will eat cake. Ha! :P

p.s. Bonus prediction for true completeness: Porn, pills and gambling will continue to entertain the masses. And enrich the Russians / Chinese / 3rd world.

from onreact 3030 Days ago #
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Excellent overview. I still tend to ignore local search too much. Not enough time to delve into it as deeply as you did Andrew.

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