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John Andrews reports that Google is starting to offer SEO Consulting services direct to business owners. From a blackart to valid marketing technique, over time Google has warmed to SEO. Is the offer of SEO services the sign that they finally approve of the industry?
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from LloydHerrera 2992 Days ago #
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If google will create there own seo services what will happen to us? we will down and find new job. How hard is that.

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from MattMcGee 2992 Days ago #
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Google is not offering SEO consulting services, they're doing the same kind of webmaster outreach they've been doing at conferences and online for years.

Also, if anyone's worried that Google is going to steal your SEO clients, you have deeper issues to deal with.

from johnandrews 2989 Days ago #
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Google organized a program to provide advice and counsel on search engine optimization to the general public. I called it SEO consulting. Matt McGee (above) says it's not... it's just "webmaster outreach".

I can agree on the "webmaster outreach" as you can call it any name you like, but I can't agree it's NOT consulting. How is it not consulting? How is offering advice on SEO, "not" SEO consulting?

I understand the need to spin and the whole idea of pro-Google propaganda, but after stripping away that stuff, how exactly is it "not" consulting?

I'd hate to think Google's sponsorship of select SEO marketing activities is already influencing the editorials.

from danperry 2989 Days ago #
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In a previous position, Google came in and provided us with whatever you'd like to call it (consulting, outreach, whatever.) In a nuthsell, they didn't stray from the Google Beginner Guide to SEO (available to anyone), and it proved extremely valuable to the teams (IT, Editorial, etc.) to hear it from the horses mouth. As an in-house SEO, it made my job easier, period.

Just my .02.

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from Jill 2989 Days ago #
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In which case, they were competing with those of us who offer in-house SEO consulting/training.

Which kinda sucks, but hey, we're a free market country.

from NickWilsdon 2988 Days ago #
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I'm with Dan - having Google onside is a good thing for the industry. They aren't going to suggest anything that runs against the work we do, and their support will only add value to the services. Definitely don't see them as a threat unless (until?) they start adjusting things on their side to the benefit of the client.

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