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Read the news article first or my rant, whichever you prefer!

I am placing my self on the firing line with this one, but Google is going beyound all aprehencions and respect to all of us.

So her it goes, as it is, as raw USDA Beef!

What really inspired me to go with the story is, after reading whatDanny teaches us of going with the road conditions, I have read about Aaron Wall and his humble beginings of how Danny gave him a chance to give out fliers at SES...Aaron has a heart of Googld..the man is pure as one can be in this his bio on his blog

Matt you have oversteped your "personal blog" in bashing a pure man like Aaron.

You have bashed and humiliated me in public, but I was a man and walked away, figuryng I am just a Webmaster, you pick a fight with you...

But when you picked on Aaron and consequently did a Plug for GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 200$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
TOTAL Entertaiment system on your "personal blog"

That was not just a slap to me, my skin is thick, but a slap and a show of desrispect to all of us Webmasters, Developers, SEO’s and Google users...

You have violated out trust...

I would not get Mad if Danny Sullivan kills this post, even if he bands me for this post, I speak the truth, without fear os repercussion, but Danny has resposibility to his company and to his user community.

Eventhough I know Danny is a very vocal person against Google and stands up for the Netizens rights, I would not blame him, whichever way he decides to go with this.

Thank you all for you guidance.
Humbly yours,
Igor Berger

P.S. It just confirms my decession, "Google purchased DoubleClick" When is the Shit of Control going to Stop....HELP...HELP...HELP
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from igorthetroll 3813 Days ago #
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I am sory if I made it sound about Matt, but it is not, it is about Google Inc.But finding that abamonation gOS and gPC on his blog tiped me off. real stroy is the Antitrust with respect to

from Adaml 3813 Days ago #
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I’m sorry I dont see the connections. Matts Blog as you said is his own, his personal. He left it open because Aaron said something he strongly belives/knows is wrong. On the second part do you want him to bring that up and never post again, i would be happy that he got off Aarons back and got back to Gadgets, Google, and SEO. As that is the name of the blog. And no im not backing Matt up as much as im not agreeing with the point of this post.AdamlPS: There is also a check spelling thing at the bottom...

from igorthetroll 3813 Days ago #
Votes: -1

Let`s not go astray from the main point Adam.We talking about and the article on and the dongrade penalty that Google gave and now entered into a business relationship with the company.It sounds to me like a violation of Antitrust Law.What is your reply to this, Mr. Adam?As with regards of Aaron and Matt, Matt owes him an apology and should remove the offending post.Also, being Matt`s blog is of personal nature, as his disclaimer states, he should not be using it in Google authoritative matter to talk SEO, if he has a conflict of interest, which he prominatly displayed in the vote that he set up about Aaron complaining about Google.Also Matt should not be promoting Google products on his personal blog, becasuse it looks like a violation of Google code of conduct. means personal not personal when it feets the need.Thank you for your attention to this matter.Finally, what is Google`s position on and Google relationship?

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