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Many of us have known Fionn Downhill of Elixer for years. She is very active in the SEO community. You should read this story about this reputation management scam that has affected Elixir.  Looks like this is the month of warning people about scams, and this one is a bad one.  Please support Fionn in this cause.
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from Jill 2973 Days ago #
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I've pushed this post to the home page as it's something all of us in the Internet Marketing community need to be aware of since it could affect any one of us.

from FionnD 2973 Days ago #
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Jill,Thanks, the reports are all out there about us now and we have to deal with it but if it stops another company being attached then it will serve a purpose.This all started with two rip off reports about our company.  The ROR reports have now been picked up by all the other scam consumer sites including and many more.   You are right  that it could be done to any one of us if you search Google with the following exact text "company used telemarketing to contact our company and used high pressure sales to get us to spend" anyone can see that they are not even changing the text to attack different SEO compnaies.  Does anybody know of an Internet attorney I can talk to about the claim specifically that there is a law suit against our company.  Under ROR's terms of service they say all reports must be factual.  Since this is the easiest piece of this nonsense to prove is false then I would like to hear the legal viewpoint on why they do not enforce their own TOS.  I am sure they have worked out the loopholes.  Interestingly enough none of the ROR's are showing up.  If you search for our you will just how much damage has been done.

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