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Marketing must control its technological destiny. Slide show and essay advocating for a marketing CTO and a growing technology culture within the marketing department.
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from MattMcGee 3075 Days ago #
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I've promoted this to the home page as an Editor's Choice because it's very thorough and also somewhat different than what commonly gets noticed and embraced by the community.

from JesperAstrom 3075 Days ago #
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I really don't like the Editor's Choice rule. I wouldn't want one of my posts put on the start page because of the will of one person. It is like sponsored cheating.

Now to the post. It doesn't bring anything new to the table. Yes, it presents itself as though it is, but technology has been a part of marketing since marketing begun. The technology has changed over the years. From stone, to paper and pen, to paper and press. From radio, to tv and now the Internet. The need to understand these medias have been as important throughout the history.

Why separate technology from the creative process? If you don't have a CTO that can converge the communicative will of the organization into technology, then you need to fire the CTO rather than hire a person to cover for him/her. So, do CTOs need to understand marketing - yes!! But should you create a new role within the technology infrastructure... probably no.

Anyhow. Again, why is there even an "editor's choice"?

from randfish 3075 Days ago #
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Haven't commented here in a long time, but I really like this new "editors choice" concept and wanted to say so. I know it's weird to have this opinion in the social media / user-generated world, but I often feel that great content curators can do a far better job than "users" of surfacing valuable, useful material.

Keep up the great work!

from Nunney 3075 Days ago #
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I'm with Rand on editor's choice.

If anyone thinks that user votes will brings the best stories to the top they obviously haven't studied what really happens. (There are exceptions, of course.) Example: Digg - perhaps 99% of stories that make front page are promoted by power users. Votes are by a miniscule minority of users. Sphinn is the same.

Editor's choice lets users see some of the many quality posts that are written but not promoted.

from chiefmartec 3075 Days ago #
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Thanks for the curation!

You make a good counterpoint, Jesper. I think there is a question as to whether the universe of technology in which marketing is now operating is analogous to other shifts in media. In my humble opinion, I think it's more than that -- at least once you get below the very high philosophical level.

I think we agree on your second point though: I believe that technology should be more tightly integrated with the creative process. That's why I think marketing should have technologists under its umbrella, rather than separated by the organizational distance -- and often a big cultural difference -- in the IT department.

With agencies, particularly interactive agencies, that's probably less of a concern, as they've synthesized creative and technology together for a while -- in many ways, I think they're an inspiration for what in-house marketing departments can achieve. (Although many of the "internal" technologies discussed in the slide presentation go beyond what outside agencies are usually able to address.)

from JesperAstrom 3074 Days ago #
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@randfish - I have no problem whatsoever if they publish content they like in their blog. But they have created a crowd sourcing website to source the crowd for what's good and what is not. I think it is quite selfdevastating to corrupt such a system.

@Nunney - exactly. Users like content that is easy to consume. And so if you have a crowd sourcing website it is the popular vote that will prevail. With your kind of reasoning, communism was a great idea as the people in charge knew what was REALLY quality.

No, remove the editors choice and push good entries you find in your blog so that people can find them and vote for them instead of bypassing the voting system.

@chiefmartec Yes, it I think we believe in the same solution as well. My main point is that we have to continue to work with communication, regardless of technology. First decide on what to communicate, then decide on how. 

from MeganLeap 3074 Days ago #
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Word. Kudos on this new feature! Some of the best content on Sphinn (and other networks) goes unnoticed because the original person to submit is less networked.

Avatar Administrator
from MattMcGee 3074 Days ago #
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Jesper, sorry to hear you don't like the Editor's Choice.

Your comment that this story "doesn't bring anything new to the table" is ironic because many of our users have issued the same complaint about the stories that the community often votes to the home page. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and just as we don't expect everyone to agree with the community-voted "hot" stories, we don't expect everyone to agree with the Editors' Choices, either.

Ultimately, we want the Sphinn home page to be a reflection of the best/most valuable/most interesting stories from across the industry -- not just the most popular stuff that users with large followings can get pushed to the home page. So that sometimes means manually promoting stories that the community as a whole hasn't read or voted up. Rand basically answered your question about why this exists -- we also feel there's value in having content curators helping to make sure valuable content is exposed to the widest Sphinn audience possible. (Thx Rand.)

The second ironic thing in the comments here is the suggestion that we should use our blog to highlight stories we like, combined with the comments that the Editor's Choice is new around here. It's actually been in place for more than six months now, and was originally announced on our blog:

The idea that at least some of our users think this is new kinda proves that many more people look at the Sphinn home page than look at our blog. Not saying that's good or bad, but it's reality. People look to the home page here to see what's going on with Sphinn, so it makes sense that this is where we'd highlight content we feel is valuable for one reason or another.

from JesperAstrom 3073 Days ago #
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I have nothing against the story you promoted other than that it wasn't very optimized for the online format. A video would have been a lot better to get the same point across. But the story is beside the point.

Just as you say, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and on a website like this, it means that popular content, which can be consumed and understood by many people, reach the front page more often than content that isn't as accessible.

Thus also my suggestion. I don't see the irony in you not having faith in your own blog and its power to promote stories you like. It is the users that build this website, if you don't like the way they build it, then that's the irony of this story. However, it is indeed up to you to implement what ever rules you wish as it is indeed your website.

I probably wouldn't have commented on it unless I would have read the section in the latest blog post you shared here on Sphinn. I don't mind an occational Editor's Choice in some form or another. But when you write that you are going to use this "more often" from now on, I felt like I had to air my concerns.

I don't expect you to change, I'm not stupid :), so.. thnx for your time and hope for the best in the future.

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