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Consider Vanessa's unbeatable arguments, then ditch your microsites.
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from Jill 3171 Days ago #
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Not even going to give this some time to go hot on its own. Moved to the hot page because the whole microsite thing is so misunderstood by businesses and website owners.

This article is  MUST read for anyone thinking about microsites as well as those already using them.

from JesperAstrom 3170 Days ago #
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I think the article should have been called: "Bad Microsites. A bad idea All of the time". The problem with the article is that it assumes the person building the microsite has no idea what they are doing. It is naturally not a good idea to put effort into microsites if you are going to use them to diversify into not owning any value at all. However, if you use microsites to compliment your main website with stuff that brings value to a sub set of your customers, then it is an awesome tactic.

from onreact 3169 Days ago #
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It depends on who uses microsites and how. They make sense in some cases while they don't in some others.

from DVOLA 3166 Days ago #
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I have to totally agree with Jesper , I employ the micro site  tactic and 95%  of my new conversions come from my micro sites ...

lets say for example I sell a product that is great for ten specific health problems and I set up ten micro sites all niched around those ten topics,  you would have to have no business nouse whatsoever not to be able to turn that kinda targeted traffic into sales or conversions ?

from nevilrohinton 3163 Days ago #
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The real question is not whether micro sites are good or bad, but rather what strategy is needed to assist the customer in reaching their online goals. Many times we forget the "customer" and their goals and focus only on the SEO bit. One point to note is that a micro sites strategy needs an investment of time and money for each of the sites you are managing - and this could get quiet expensive, other than diluting the efforts across multiple sites.

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