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Your local newspaper may soon offer SEO services. Heck, maybe it already is. Two of the three biggest newspaper publishers in the U.S. have recently announced that they’re selling marketing services to small/local businesses and those services include things like SEO, local search marketing, and more.
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from ajkohn2001 3127 Days ago #
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This sounds like another great idea ... to dilute the SEO field and create more 'SEO is a scam' and 'SEO is dead' evangelists.

from pageoneresults 3127 Days ago #
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Newspapers offering SEO Services? I think I see an end in sight for SEO now that this announcement has been made. I've been waiting for the straw that broke the camel's back and this just may be it. < You know I'm kidding right? :)

Let's see how Monday pans out after the M-F/8-5 crowd get wind of this. I think this will be a very exciting topic for discussion.

My guess based on an initial review of all parties involved, this is a direct connection into the local databases. It's API all the way with partnerships throughout the local business centers and yellow page type directories. I think Sam's Club does/or did something like this too.

Once into the system, it appears there may be a PPC upsell using the proprietary toolsets that have been developed for managing your ad spends. Read more about the services provided by the SEO companies mentioned in the article. Great gig for those SEO firms.

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from Jill 3126 Days ago #
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When all else fails, open up an SEO company!

Since they can't make any money in the publishing biz, I guess they figured they'd jump onto the SEO bandwagon. After all, anyone can do SEO, right?

from JVRudnick 3126 Days ago #
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what a great topic and yes, I've covered same on my own blog today. That said, what makes me wonder is the liability issue....I wonder what kind of legals are needed to absolve the newspapers from any kind of blackhat-penaltys incurred by their advertisers who use their servicves via their SEO partners....I want to know more! But yes, if my own local Daily called me, I'd be right over to try to forge that link....hmmm...maybe I'll call them myownself, eh!:-)Jm

from Fitz 3125 Days ago #
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"... suggests that Orange Soda is doing the online marketing and GannettLocal is handling the sales"

- Ok, so why is an SEO company partnership with a newspaper publisher a big deal? Seems like a potential win-win for both parties.

from KarlRibas 3125 Days ago #
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I bet this was the exact same reaction that newspaper companies had when bloggers began reporting the news: "After all, anyone can report the news, right?" LOL.

from pageoneresults 3125 Days ago #
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Ok, so why is an SEO company partnership with a newspaper publisher a big deal? Seems like a potential win-win for both parties.

Call me old fashioned but I still think there is a significant amount of human involvement required to effectively launch and manage a website. Since we don't know the exact particulars of what is being offered from a services standpoint, we can only guess. Based on my experience researching Production Line SEO, which is what this appears to be, I'm not seeing a value proposition for the client, not of any real significant value, not on the surface anyway.

I'm also going to assume that there are all sorts of liability disclaimers in place and the newspapers are not getting themselves into something that may have long term implications from a litigation standpoint. I've seen Production Line SEO in many forms, most of it is less than satisfactory from a value standpoint.

As an outsider looking in, based on the information provided in the original article, these firms have taken all the mundane tasks and have automated them. They've got the funding and technology to set up a powerful platform that has direct connections with the SE and YP APIs. Thing is, most consumers could probably do this themselves with a little bit of coaching from a human being, the fleshy type. ;)

Read this Tweet from yesterday...

I am sitting in my home town listening to our local newspaper say they have partnered with Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

It's already begun. Those folks have the advertising power to really generate some revenue if everything is done per protocols. And, there are protocols for all that API stuff. They better hope they don't make a mistake or do something that the industry finds unacceptable, that's when things will really take a turn - for the worse.

Oh, those Firms providing the White Label SEO Services for the newspapers better be watching their [p]s and [q]s. :)

from onreact 3124 Days ago #
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British Telecom can do it so why can't a newspaper do it? Also SEO is the the new classifieds if you ask me. Last but not least Orange Soda looks pretty legit and knowledgeable.

The SEO business and the SEO industry is expanding. Face it. It's not just a playground for nerds like us anymore.

from Fitz 3123 Days ago #
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So is the only real problem here that you assume Orange Soda's SEO is of the generic production line type? What if it's not? What if they provide a quality service? Would that make this partnership ok?

I don't know anything personally about Orange Soda but the overview they give sounds like it's on the right path...

from SEOBocaRaton 3016 Days ago #
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Not only are newspapers getting into the SEO field but so are Press Release companies as well as TV and Radio companies.

Just in the past month I have been approached by no less than 3 tv stations 2 Radio stations and 4 Press Release companies touting the SEO benefits of each of their packages.

Garbage like iframed sites on press release sites to full seo packages including PPC from tv stations.

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