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And so the TOPSEOs saga continues. Bit like Lord Of The Rings without hobbits or wizards.
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from Hobo 2844 Days ago #
Votes: 3

Everybody who works hard in the seo space should be supporting this....

from pageoneresults 2844 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Everybody who works hard in the seo space should be supporting this.

They are. Don't you see all the paid memberships by well known names in the industry? They are supporting this.

My warning to the SEO Consumer public is to be wary of any and all companies listed at TOPSEOs whether they have a paid membership or not. Remember, you don't have to be a paid member to buy leads which many are doing.

I see the requests from Third Door Media were ignored too. That SMX Logo appears all over the sites, not to mention other materials used in advertising. I'm guessing that TOPSEOs and SMX worked out their differences and they are officially Partners? :(

from AlanBleiweiss 2844 Days ago #
Votes: 2

I'm looking forward to SMX Advanced now more than ever.  Visibility Magazine apparently has a booth there.  I can only dream that Jeev has the balls to show up.

from MattSiltala 2844 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Alan, gonna be a fun cab ride for sure :-)

from Domainer 2843 Days ago #
Votes: -3

This is getting very boring.

from pageoneresults 2843 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Let us know how you really feel SEO Doctor. It must not be too boring since it caused you to come out of the woodwork after 204 days of inactivity and make your second comment ever. So, please do contribute a little more to the discussion and let us know what part is boring and what we can do to make things more exciting for ya? There are plenty of eager and passionate folks standing by to make your experience a more enjoyable one.

from AlanBleiweiss 2843 Days ago #
Votes: 2

Alysson brings up a very strong point over on my article in the comment area about why people who are blowing off TOPSEOs scraping of their articles are not only missing the point, they're contributing to TOPSEOs criminal ways (direct link to her comment)

from BrentRangen 2838 Days ago #
Votes: 0

I agree with Hobo. Anyone who can't show results is borderline criminal. I have been handed accounts where "SEO services" were sold at a hefty price for months and there was absolutely nothing to show for the money spent.

I think sometimes people have all the best intentions but end up realizing how much work it is going to be and don't even start. Once you get the ball rolling, hammer out a routine, and stick to it things can start happening. Oh, and creativity is neccessary too!

I actually heard of a few big name companies offering SEO services and all they really do is charge you monthly and the only "work" they do is put your site info into one directory.

from chotrul 2827 Days ago #
Votes: -1

This is truly amazing - I had no idea at all about this ...

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