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A look at what the Google Mayday update failed to accomplish.
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from MattMcGee 2930 Days ago #
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Moved this to the home page as an Editor's Choice. Worth reading for an update on how Mahalo continues to rank well for long-tail phrases after the Mayday update.

from AlanBleiweiss 2930 Days ago #
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Matt,  I'm glad you moved it.  The Mahalo issue needs to not be let up on.  Danny pressing Matt C. in You&A might be good for us to get some humor out of the situation, but as an industry we need to remember the seriousness of the issue at hand.

from onreact 2929 Days ago #
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Mahalo uses secret Web 3.0 techniques we all don't grasp yet. That's why they can overcome all Google filters. Also Mahalo is obviously a trusted brand. Everybody mentions it, just like BP e.g. Last but not least when Google Buzz can get away with scraping Mahalo can as well.

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from Sebastian 2929 Days ago #
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Obviously, Mahalo figured out how to spam Google's SERPs with 301 redirects from pages that violate Google's quality guidelines to Disallow:'ed stubs, bypassing the MayDay algo change as well as Google's webmaster guidelines at all. Why can Jason constantly ignore Google's guidelines, and then, when caught, move to just another spammy tactic? Every other site would've got the death penalty ages ago, so what makes Mahalo different to Google?

from AlanBleiweiss 2929 Days ago #
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I've said this a few times for similar issues - Matt Cutts would say - there's other signals that outweigh any negative.  I say this because that's his response to me when I asked him about sites showing up in top organic position even though they distribute "free page counters" that embed links to their site in the footer of thousands or tens of thousands of trash sites.  (free page counters by the way, that they promote through AdWords).

In this case, the premise would be that because Mahalo has millions of pages of content, and all those "valid" other signals of "authority", it justifies Google not slapping them for the crud.

Except I would venture to guess there's a million pages of that crud on their site :-)

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