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Adam Audette's take on SEO, UX, IA, SMX advance, social media and how the end user is the one that matters.
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from Jill 2294 Days ago #
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I've moved this straight to the front page as it's a must read for anyone in the SEO game.

Nice job Adam!

from Skitzzo 2293 Days ago #
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Sorry, but I don't see how this is a MUST read at all.

Where was/is the turning point the title promises?

Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't think there was much substance to this post, especially for how long it was.

Social media is changing things. User experience is important for your site. Google's changing.

That's all been said by many different people before.

from pratt 2293 Days ago #
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Am I missing something? There really wasn't anything groundbreaking in the article like everyone is pimping it to be. In fact, it was kind of hypocritical as in the beginning Adam talks about how there is too much noise out there right now with not any adding value, and then goes on to not say anything of significance.

The only real point I saw that Adam was trying to make is that we need to focus on UX - and that's been said since the day I entered the industry.

So I guess my question is, why is this a must read? This is not an attack on Adam in any way, I consider him to be one of the smartest guys in the industry. I simply don't understand why this is being touted as the greatest thing an SEO has ever written.

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from Jill 2293 Days ago #
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LOL I don't think I touted it as "the greatest thing an SEO has ever written." :)

But there are a lot of interesting tidbits that many SEOs who don't go to all the conferences or read all the articles and news, may not be aware of.

The article did a good job of outlining some of the more important of those.

from Yeri 2293 Days ago #
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Adam's presentation at SMX advanced was definitely one of the most informative and entertaining (where else can you get your doe of Care Bears and The Hoff.) However, I'm not sure if this is a turning point in SEO, but rather more of the same adaptations professional SEO's need to be on top of. Things are always changing and will always change; different colors, same painting.

I think the issue of faceted navigation is really frustrating as Google does not seem to have a cohesive handle on what do to with FN, despite it being great for user experience.

from AdamAudette 2293 Days ago #
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Jill, you rock :) Thanks a ton for promoting this article here.

Guys, I sort of agree that my article didn't say anything amazing or epic. Those of us in the trenches doing this work every day already know most of what I wrote. But the problem (in my opinion) is that we're doing a crappy job telling the world about it, pounding our chests, jumping on our soap boxes, and putting it out there! Wish there was more of that.

SEO isn't about search engines, it's about the people that use search engines. It's about the users, but it's called "search engine optimization." It's moniker is messed up, and so are 90% of its practitioners, who think they should "optimize title tags" and live in a dark vacuum of SEO.

The turning point as I see it, is that SEOs need to evolve and think in broader and more strategic ways than classic SEO. We need to move towards IA and UX and do usability testing, all the things Shari and Jill and other leaders have been saying for years. It's clear when you attend SEO conferences how little there is that's "new" .... what's new is the merging of all these fields into a cohesive whole. That's the turning point, that's the new frontier. Not talking about it, but actually doing it and striving. That and watching re-runs of the Love Boat, obviously :)

from AlanBleiweiss 2292 Days ago #
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I totally agree with Jill on this one.  I constantly meet people in our industry who don't grasp the nature or importance of UX/IA - people who run otherwise highly successful businesses and agencies.  The fact that they've gotten positive results for their clients until now used to be enough to get away with not delving more deeply into these aspects of the process.  Yet it also means they've caused their clients to miss out on insane amounts of increased ROI as a result. And with all the other changes going on in the industry, these issues are more important than ever.

So as far as I'm concerned, this article should be a wake up call to those who have previously failed to take a closer look at how far they've been willing to go in their optimization efforts, and a huge red flag to those who, until now, have had no idea what they've caused their clients to miss out on.

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