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Linkbuilding, we all know its one of the, maybe even the, biggest factors in SEO. Fact is that links matter. A lot. And that's why the art of linkbuilding exists. And its truly an art I would say. Especially if you look at those who can’t do it.
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from seobro 2921 Days ago #
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Typically what they do is send email spam. They want me to link to them, but not link to me. PT Barnum says a sucker is born every minute and they must think I am one.

from onreact 2920 Days ago #
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Plus be a little more targeted. Most people send link requests like Via*ra spam by the thousands or maybe millions. Do some actual research and send 5 rquests instead of 50k. I often had 3 of 5 people emailing me back how they love my idea and want be part of it.

from davidiwanow 2916 Days ago #
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Don't make up fake names or emails and try and pretend you are something you are not!

If you are doing link building for Redbull use your real contact details don't use an email like "

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