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Your pricing for on-page and site structure optimization should typically be based upon the site size and intricacy. You should consider the amount of time and expertise level you’ll be putting forth, as well as your competition’s pricing.
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from Jill 2916 Days ago #
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Unfortunately, I felt like this article was all over  the place, and never really answered the question of how you should price your SEO projects. Perhaps if that wasn't the title I would have liked it more.

from Seoworkers 2916 Days ago #
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Thanks Jill for your kind feedback. I did not make any thoughts about the title. And I always do the same mistake. Am I maybe too natural? And because the title was awful, doesn't the content deserve your sphinn?

from Doc2626 2915 Days ago #
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I found it to be a good outline, on a conceptual basis. But I wasn't expecting it to tell me how to set my rates, so much as how to structure my billing. Just a matter of perspective, I suppose, but I thought it followed the proceess in a fairly logical sequence.

I have always tended to mix my competitive and non-competitive, throughout the project, but I can see some real benefit in getting a bigger bang on the front end. The client often doesn't appreciate that it takes time to see results, and a bigger splash up front might make them more comfortable with the process.

from businesstrader 2915 Days ago #
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I also found this article very informative. I felt that the title was applicable because this article is informing people how to price and SEO project, and does not tell you how set their rates. These are obviously two completely different things.

from mastermind 2915 Days ago #
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I had developed a formula how to price my SEO projects, as i am typically working on large projects (and this formula ALWAYS works).

Monthly rent of my home + electricity + water + food + shopping + university fee for my girlfriend + gifts for my girlfriend + fuel for my car + insurance + a yearly 2 weeks holiday on a quite island without internet access + some extra money for unforeseen circumstances divided by 31 = my daily price for SEO projects.

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