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My recent article was read by about 6 people...hopefully, by Sphinning it, I can double that number:.)

The main commonality between SEO and Domaining is that in order to achieve excellence in both, a practitioner must develop an extraordinary level of perception. At some point, each and every expert has a moment of transcendence where suddenly, they realize they finally “get it”…that all of the reading, studying & experimenting has allowed them to finally perceive the ideas and tactics that, once put into practice, will lead to their personal success.

This is a narrative of my “transcendent moment” in domaining…
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from searchcommander 3953 Days ago #
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I was one of the six who read it, and I’ll bet you got at least a dozen... ;)

from JasonBarrett 3953 Days ago #
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Nice post. I think that is a legit approach for arriving at domain names. I hope they work out for you.

from everett 3952 Days ago #
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People really value honesty and transparency. You really put things out in the open in that post and shared some ideas that most people (like myself) would have kept to themselves for fear of making more competition. I really thing this deserves a hell of a lot more than a dozen readers, and I’m sure you’ve got them.

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