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SEO and Excel are like chocolate and peanut butter – great together. Here are 18 Excel functions (and two formulas) that can make SEO just a little bit easier.
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Avatar Administrator
from MattMcGee 2843 Days ago #
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There's some really cool stuff in here, esp. for non-Excel wizards like me. Moving this to the home page as an Editor's Choice.

from SeanWF 2843 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Definitely a great little tutorial and reference! I would like to see a lot more articles like this one.

from Anvidom 2843 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Picking up little bits and pieces like this is a great way to add to your foundation of seo. Thanks!

from Marjory 2842 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Nice overview.I particularly like the keyword count function description. I'm always trying to do that. If I can ever get Win Web Crawler to pull out the content right, it would be super useful for counting the amount of content site wide for a site audit.

I'm looking forward to part 2.

from Rebekah 2841 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Thanks! I am such an excel flunkie...this really helps!

Avatar Moderator
from ajkohn2001 2841 Days ago #
Votes: 0

Thanks for selecting this as an editor's choice. It's my first post to 'go hot. Based on the feedback, I'm working on some posts dealing with pivot tables and LOOKUPs.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to cover or go into greater detail.

from GSEO 2840 Days ago #
Votes: 1

Just when you think you know it all! Great idea with exel optimisation :)

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