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The link building interview is back. In prior years, I’ve gotten together some of the best minds in link building and asked them to answer some questions about link development.  It’s been more than two years since the most recent one, so I decided to bring it back – this time on Outspoken Media.
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from Andrew9 2896 Days ago #
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Hi, The interview was immensley helpful. Sometimes it's more about what is not said than what is said. I appreciate them giving back as much as they really can. Link building is a pain point for everyone, including big brands. I think it's interesting that if I'm good at PR I can do well in search (brand marketers) but if I just focus on quality content I don't (newspapers). CPG's pay retailers for shelf-space and consumers accept this fact because if someone takes the time and resources to purchase an entire shelf their product must be good! Likewise our policital system works this way, lobbiests get paid to "manage" the vote on a particular topic. Why would someone stand up and vote for an ideal if they didn't really believe in it?! No one likes this and it should not work this way but it does. The real issue here is that the machines are flawed just as votes are not always counted in big elections. We can't rely on the "goodness" of machines and people to allow quality content to win the day. We've been waiting for many years now and it just isn't happening so we continue to produce quality sites and quality content because that is the right thing to do but we also need to be proactive in our PR approach without killing the community. It's a fine line and your panel understands this and has some great advice on how to do the right thing day in and day out. Thanks again!

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