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OK, well I decided to drop a post over on WS on what is likely going to be a bit of a controverial topic. But as an avid search historian, from a tech perspective, it does seem we're on the cusp of a new frontier of signals beyond the reliance on links. I am certainly open to ALL input on it though. It is an interesting topic worth discussing IMO.
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from seobro 2836 Days ago #
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OK you are right on this one. Still, my opinion of links is poor. That is like ranking girls depending on how many boys have her phone number in their little black book and picking a winner. Well, the winner is the school ho and quality girls do not give out their cell phone to just anyone.

Well, so you have popular jocks votes count a lot more. Hey, you even exclude the ugly nerds (bad neighborhood), but still you find that the school ho wins. The key is to look at something beyond links and to give quality scores.

from theGypsy 2835 Days ago #
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Yo (SEO) bro... what's shakin? An.. erm... uh... interesting analogy. Gotta say, prolly the first time I've heard that one. But really, there is nothing easy about creating such a massive search engine with the technology available over the years. I don't really blame them as many smart peeps have worked on the problem and this is what it is. You need to sus out relevance at the same time as protecting from spammers - not an enviable task at all.

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