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Demand Media is buying branded domains (ie. cybersquating) and pointing them at high earning pages. It's ok though... even though these tactics would get us normal folks a penalty or ban, it's probably safe to say that Demand Media will get a pass.
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from DanPatterson 2880 Days ago #
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I think it's great for SEOs to continue to find examples of big brands getting away with things that smaller sites would get penalized for. It just continues to prove that Google is not always playing by their own so-called rules. Any thoughts on when it will get bad enough that someone is going to file a lawsuit?

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from Jill 2880 Days ago #
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I'm confused as to how anyone knows whether or not those links are counting in Google's algorithm.

Is there some tool you have that tells you those links are counting for something?

from seobook 2880 Days ago #
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You could easily test redirecting other expired domain names into relevant eHow pages and see what it does to their rank...I suspect that many such efforts indeed do work. And I bet eHow has that data internally.

And, as with most spamming techniques, the person who is spamming isn't hoping that everything works all the time. They only need a small percentage of it to count for them to make a lot of money from it...especially as they are a registrar and are grabbing these expired domain names for free.

Only Google has access ot Google's relevancy algorithm. So the issue of "whether or not those links are counting in Google" isn't the right question...because those links may have counted for a while and may have only recently stopped counting.

The broader (and more relevant) point here is how Google choses to police spam (or not).

When Google chooses to PASS JUDGEMENT and IMPLY INTENT (in burning an SEO's website to the ground) they don't so  based exclusively on the efficasy of the spam. They have even publicly stated that they try to IMPLY INTENT.

With the above, there is no gray area...I have seen sites NUKED for doing far less.

If Google passed the same judgement equally that they passed against people like you or I, then the eHow site would be torched.

However Google does not.

And so the content mill which owns a domain registrar will likely keep redirecting links into their various properties. Google taking no action is giving a green light to the technique. And companies like Demand Media will run with it.

Everyone hears that same message loud and clear.

Time to get some VC Dollars to scale up and legitimize something to get the Google get out of jail free card. :D

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