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Very interesting case study on how Elixir Interactive had to employ some extensive online reputation management strategy to protect false acquisations against their brand.
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from ArnieK 2825 Days ago #
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The dark side and the reality of doing business online.

from FionnD 2825 Days ago #
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Four months they have been doing this just because we stood up the the spammers in the industry.  We also have high google rankings I wonder if I destroyed our rankings would they leave us alone.

from danatodd 2823 Days ago #
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This kind of business practice just burns me up. One can only hope that their karma will circle around very quickly and bite them in the butt. Keep fighting, Fionn, and keep pushing them into the light. Bullies hate transparency.

from WebmasterT 2823 Days ago #
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Ummm seriously wondering why USASEOPros is there, hopefully not as a legit company (they aren't). Any complaint against them, IME, totally true. This sadly is becoming a new trend aided and abetted by the ripoff reports. Myself and SeoPros were recently dealing with a BBB complaint... wasted hours of my time... the BBB was less than receptive until personal PayPal records were produced and email between myself and the bounced member were provided. IME, most of these rip off report places are scams or doing little or no investigation. IMO, BBB were just looking for me to become a member. Thing is the their Rep is bad here since the Toronto office was convicted of a criminal offence... fraud if memory serves correct.

from growclicks 2819 Days ago #
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This same thing JUST happened to us!!!

We have been doing rip off report removal for a while now. Well, we just added it to our blog and added it to our services' list within the last week. Only days after we got ranked for 'rip off report removal,' we saw pissedconsumer, companynamesucks and complaintsboard posts filed against us!!! We are a pretty clean company and we didn't know any of the names that were filed, nor was anything even true, so I looked at the server logs to find the same ip address visiting multiple times over the past few days searching for our name (looking to dig up dirt). Then, I get an email from a guy stating the following:


I want to inform you that you have a derogatory comment on a Google search under your listing.   Postings whether true or false will affect how new prospective clients view your business. These postings impact the dollars you spend to promote your business on the internet.   We are able to eliminate these derogatory comments for a one time fee of $999.00 and a monthly maintenance fee of $ 99.00.   If you are not currently being affected with derogatory remarks we can prevent any future remarks from appearing on a Google search with our Preventative Maintenance program.  This program is a one time fee of $ 500.00 and monthly maintenance fee of $ 99.00.   Our work is 100% Guaranteed.   It is in your best interest to maintain a clean online image.    Thank you for your attention

I later received a fax with similar information from the same company.

So, if you guys read the article you'll see that the 'formula' these companies use is to scrape results for the complaint websites (rip off report, pissedconsumer, etc.) then they ADD to that business's complaint.... then they contact that consumer and tell them they can remove it for $1000!!!

In our case, this company saw that we were ranking against them and just copied the pattern that they use to attack their 'clients' on their competitor, which I'm sure is why all of the online reputation management companies have all the complaints against them... its most likely other 'online reputation management companies' that are filing them.

Anyways, if you guys search google for 'grow clicks' or 'growclicks' you'll find exactly what I'm talking about on page 2 or 3. Its clear as day what they did because all of the complaints are filed within an hour of each other.... and all from different people!

If anyone's reading this a few days after its posted, check out how quick we remove it! haha.... but seriously, for those who have been victim to this: the only way to remove these things is to have positive articles influx google with your keywords heavilly encoded so that the negative stuff gets pushed down. Rip off report removal is the worst because Google is in love with them and if you have a fresh report you'll have to do a lot of work to remove it.

We have some tips and tricks on our blog on how people can do this themselves, and we're coming out with an ebook so check out our blog in about a week. I'd love to hear if anyone else has been a victim of this.

from FionnD 2752 Days ago #
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GrowClicks...You got it that is exactly what is happening.  I see they are taking legal action against you too!!!!....It is mostly one company with multiple sites doing this.  They create the reports then contact their innocent victims.  They then find any reputable company offering ORM and do the same thing to them.  They use cheap overseas contractors and the worst spam links I have ever seen.  They cannot rank their own sites though or clean up their own well deserved bad reputation with dozens of complaints against them for being a scam.

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