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one reason why not to trust Google :)
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from tamar 2839 Days ago #
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This is really interesting, but at the same time, I have no idea how to trust the data from that search tool at all.

Look at this, for example:

What about the other more obvious phrases?

from SeanWF 2838 Days ago #
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It seems that Google Insights for Search doesn't agree with the AdWords Keyword Tool. The phrase match queries for "fish pond supplies", "pond kits", and "pond fountain" have the same global monthly search volume in the Keyword tool. Google Insights shows something quite different.

from AlanBleiweiss 2838 Days ago #
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All keyword suggestion tools, wonder wheels, insights, and the rest are purely good for trending information and relationships. Specific hard numbers should never be used for any statistical probability analysis in regard to how many visits you expect.  That's bogus science.  Especially when nobody has ever been able to prove that such original data is accurate.  Yet the google Keyword tool is PERFECT for trending and relationship research.  Which is at the HEART of the SEO's job. So this article is not correct in it's claim that the GKT shouldn't be used for SEO.

from amabaie 2838 Days ago #
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Alan, I agree on the matter of accuracy.  When "bed and breakfast porto cesareo" has 4 times more searches than "bed and breakfast", you know there is something wrong.  Common sense, not equations, has to rule when using keyword research tools.

from garethjax 2837 Days ago #
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Well it was clear since the first day of Google keyword tool, that the numbers were pure speculations: too many search terms have the SAME EXACT NUMBERS.

It's simply not possible to have 4 related terms to have the same numbers each month.

Did you remember when the keyword tools was showing bars instead of numbers ? Well, i think that google converted pixels to numbers, so if your traffic quantity was 42 pixels, it's now 4200 searches monthly. (i'm throwing numbers here, put that calculator away)

Were the 40 pixels an accurate estimate? Of course no.

from Gab 2837 Days ago #
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"Yet the google Keyword tool is PERFECT for trending and relationship research.  Which is at the HEART of the SEO's job."

That assumes it's all distorted equally.

If he had looked up fish pond supplies vs, say, fish pond, he might have seen that fish pond got 30K searches and fish pond supplies got 18k. But fish pond might really get 30k while fish pond supplies does not get anywhere near 18k...

from searchengineman 2837 Days ago #
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Great Article, I'm curious what Aaron Wall has to say on this topic. put my 2 cents in the comment of David Naylors article.Searchengineman

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