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So, over he last few years I have been endlessly peeved when people speak of Toolbar PageRank in the same breath as actual PageRank. You know, 'PR is useless' stuff. Thus my quest to sort that once and for all.. read on and pass it forward!
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from seobro 2855 Days ago #
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It may be a myth, but it helps pay the bills if you know what I mean.

from seoacademics 2851 Days ago #
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I don't want to rain on your parade but PR still does mean something.  Google hasn't made it dissapear yet.  I bet if I offered you a nice PR 9 that was dofollow you would jump at. No I would pass this on because is is not correct information..not yet anyway.

from theGypsy 2851 Days ago #
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lol... fellas. If you read the post it is about SEOs confusing the topics of PR to TBPR. It isn't about TBPR being useless per se... Interesting that here and on the post many people seemed to have missed it and started commenting on the (percieved?) value of TBPR. My mission is to get SEOs to us PageRank and Toolbar PageRank seperately. Because when an SEO says, "PageRank" is dead, useless whatever, they are wrong. PageRank is a link graph based scoring system still heavily used. TPBR on the other hand is what they mean to say in most cases. This can be VERY confusing to new SEOs and understanding PR itself is VERY important.

As for the TBPR, that can be debated all day... I don't personally look at it too much and it is little more than a minor metric for cursory views and troubleshooting. But, that wasn't what the post is about.

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