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In my humble opinion behavioral psychology has always been at the core of SEO as a discipline -  "The better you are at detaching from your own inner mind and emotional filters, the better your chance of seeing things from and knowing how to reach the mind/emotional buttons of those people."  I couldn't say it better. Nice job Alan.
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from AlanBleiweiss 2855 Days ago #
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It's true - behavioral psychology is at the core.  This is supported by the notion that SEO is a form of marketing, which is purely based on behavioral psychology, as much as our business is dealing with people across the board.

If we are to succeed at the highest levels, and do so with the least stress possible, we need to understand these concepts.

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from hugoguzman 2855 Days ago #
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Great read. Hard for providers (not just for SEO, but for any service) to face up to these facts you've written about.

from seobro 2854 Days ago #
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SEO is to me a game. However, some do not play by the rules and cheat in order to win. It seems to be a case of only the strong survive.

from bonard123 2854 Days ago #
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This really great info..But Seo is not easy to do it or promoting your site..

from Thos003 2852 Days ago #
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I must agree with Alan. Can anyone appreciate marketing and in turn fully appreciate SEO if they have never heard of Pavlov's dog?

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