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Our newest author, Barry Adams, had an interesting first post where he see's the future of the internet in 'appification' and believes that our future, SEOs that is, will be changed far and wide from what we know today. Me? Believe it or not I am not much of a gadget geeek, so I have my doubts. An interesting suposition none-the-less. Give it a read!
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from dannysullivan 2824 Days ago #
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Sigh. Look, SEO means attacting traffic for free anywhere people search. Not search at Google on a web page. Not search using keywords. Search like even if I fire up my phone, load Urban Spoon, how did that restaurant show up in front of me. A good SEO understands the places where people find info and understands how to get that info in front of them. If I sound tired, it's because I've written and spoken about this sooooooo many times over the past years. So I guess sure, I'm with Barry -- we are optimizing for the search experience. But dammit, we've been having to do that for years already. Why on earth haven't more people gotten this point yet? Local is SEO. Images are SEO. Video is SEO. Answers are SEO -- and we've had all these for years, but so many people are still stuck in SEO = I rank in Google web search. The smart SEOs understand it's not.

from Badams 2824 Days ago #
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I think you might be missing the point a little bit here, Danny. Yes, SEO has been about more than web search for a long time, but what comes next goes even further than that.

Local search, image search, video search, all of these are still search engines - be they Google, Bing, or Youtube's own internal search.

In an appified internet, big search engines will be marginalised and smaller specialised search engines - embedded within apps or as part of an app search mechanism - will take the limelight.

Imho this will require a different, more fragmented approach to SEO. This is not just another change to how we do SEO, this is a fundamental shift away from big search engines and towards the specialised, appified search experience.

At least, that's how I see it. YMMV of course.

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