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Here @Alysson talks about necessary steps you need to take to protect your  WordPress blog being hacked.  She shares very insightful 'how tos' on ways to implement your sites security.
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from Ruud 2856 Days ago #
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Just today I read someone being all excited about finding this feature in WordPress I was aware of since version whatever. Although the "backup & secure" angle might feel old (head-nod to the exceptional content discussion) I believe knowledge has to be refreshed for the newcomers.

So, besides the fact that this is on Search Engine People -- I really find this a good post.

from j0s3gz 2855 Days ago #
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I agree with Rudd - I wasn't expecting to find this here, but since it is... let me first say nice article Alysson. It's worth noting that hacks via Wordpress plugins are an escalating and disturbing trend.

Many WP security tips revolve around WP itself and whislt they all (typically) recommend keeping your plugins up to date, it's worth considering using less plugins and / or even considering using only plugins that have a decent level of support (and response).

Just my 2c.


from Alysson 2855 Days ago #
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THanks!  :)  And I would tend to agree with you, Jose, that there is a lot of excessive use of plugins these days.  Nonetheless, plugins are really an integral part of what makes WordPress so popular.  They increase the functionality of the platform into much more than a simple blogging software.

That said, by monitoring changes to files using tools like Exploit Scanner and MonitorHackdFiles (no, I didn't spell it wrong ;) ) you give yourself the opportunity to use the plugins that improve your site's search engine friendliness and functionality without opening the door as widely to invite an attacker in.

There's no perfect security solution for WordPress (or any consumer-level site, for that matter), but just like knowing how to protect yourself from harm in the real world - there is a lot that can be done to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim in the virtual world.

from jack01 2852 Days ago #
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Great article... I came to know a number of great useful wordpress plugins to secure my wordpress site.

Thanks a lot!!!

from nhile 2849 Days ago #
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based on my source, to avoid or to secure your wordpress from hacker you need to update the version as much as possible.. just like an anti virus software in your computer, to protect your computer from malicious adware/malware..

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