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So, this discussion is a follow up to a recent SEL article on networking for in-house SEMs.

I know many in-house folks keep a low profile, but does this mean they end up limiting their networking opportunities.?

And for those who are active in the industry, how much does it help your efforts?

From personal experience I can say that being active int he search industry has paid off for me personally and professionally.

Anyone else have anything to share on this topic?

Heck, even if you’re on the agency side (out house???), feel free to join in with any networking tips that work for you.
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from danperry 4319 Days ago #
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Networking resulted in my current position. I told an industry friend (from CA) that I was in the market for a new job, and they new someone from Chicago who was looking for an in-house person, put us together, and after a couple interviews I was made an offer. Without networking, the position would’ve never materialized. So if you’re an in-house person, attend the parties at industry conferences and seek out the in-house badges, get a profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, and become involved in the discussions on blogs and Sphinn. It just may lead to your next job.

from twentysix2 4319 Days ago #
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Networking is the fundamental source for most jobs isn’t it? As well as business? I work for an SEM firm and we used to have this sales guy who never came into work because all he did was network, network, network. He went to every local event, SEM related or not. He attended shows for hospitality and tourism, gift fairs, etc and always came back with TONS of contacts. I think, as SportsGuy has posed, that if you don’t attend networking events, you are limiting yourself not only in job opportunities and leads to business, but also in education that you learn from others. Networking is VITAL to any business. So I think the real question should be if you’re not networking, why not and how do you get business contacts?

from Mel66 4319 Days ago #
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Networking is important, because many of us in-housers are the only one in our organization working with search. Therefore, some level of networking is essential in order to keep up with trends in the search industry. It’s also really valuable for sharing ideas, especially with those in non-competing businesses. danperry’s ideas are good - conferences, forums, blogs, LinkedIn, etc. are all great ways to meet other in-house SEMs. There is a lot to be learned from agency folks, too, so don’t count them out! Melissa

from EricaAdapt 4319 Days ago #
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Personally I’ve also found that networking outside of search industry events has also been very interesting and beneficial on a professional and personal level. In addition to trade shows specific to search, I also attend networking events for organizations like the DMA and WITI. Also, local advertising and interactive marketing groups/clubs can lead you to new networking opportunities as well.

from TheRealTerry 4316 Days ago #
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I came from the agency side recently and now work in house. At my agency we worked hard to convince the brass that maintaining a high profile was crucial, and just before I left we started into that process, as a company. Personally I had been networking under my own name for some time and I continue to do that now that I am in house. I have not yet begun to do that specifically within the confines of my new company, but it is something I would like to again make the case for. The way I look at it, it’s a marketing position, you gotta market multiple angles and being a silent hidden asset just doesn’t fit the position, in house or out. Besides, how can I ever convince the management and other departments of the need for corporation transparency and blogging if I’m not doing it myself?

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