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"When Sphinn Editor-At-Large Danny Sullivan announced Sphinn Says Goodbye To Voting, reaction wasn’t long in coming—much of it negative. Was Danny prepared for the backlash? Yes. But what about the hostility? What could have possibly warranted that?"
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from Sebastian 2804 Days ago #
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Thou shalt read the whole article, when you operate a website. It's not only about changes at Sphinn, although the snippet provided with the submission suggests that. "It used to be that web site users were passive consumers of products, data and services. Today, we understand that they are the agents for change." Bumped to make you think.

from seobro 2803 Days ago #
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We have all been here before, of that I am sure. For example, when you were young. Probably, you never went to the drive in. It was because only losers go there and you are a winner. Then one day dad says "I need to have a word with you son." He goes on to say "Well, you can't go to the drive in anymore."

"WHAT???" Suddenly you want to go. Dad goes on "A girl got pregnant and I heard some guys were smoking grass." Then you reply "BUT, I didn't do anything wrong." Fact is you now want to go.

from cre8pc 2801 Days ago #
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Thanks for the bump!  I doubt many of us really understand that we're the reason why sites change.  How we use Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, ecommerice, etc. are behind all the changes we see.  And yet the moment the UI or functionality changes, the boards light up with reaction.  It's like voting.  If you don't go to the polls, you can't complain about who got elected. The agents for change are the voters.

Btw, I went to the drive-ins. Loved them!  Loved sitting outside with friends watching Carrie screamming and covered with blood every Friday night.  Good times...

from annie7 2800 Days ago #
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I am an active Sphinn user (not as active as I used to be and as I would like to be though) but I wasn't participating in all the discussions about the change. Not a single comment at a single thread about it (I did read most of them).

Now that the buzz is down a bit and this common-sense post (which we all needed) is live, I can definitely echo Kim's sentiment above. People, we are to balme for all the changes, so why complain?

Yes, I enjoyed seeing some of my articles hot and I owe Sphinn a great deal because it discovered my work for many influencers but I can see what drove the change.

That being said, as the owner of the community now, I can see how changes are hard for everyone. How people can be ungreatful and how they can forget good things and remember bad ones. But what I know is that very often we can't do without the changes, so let's see where this change will bring us.

Good luck

from CIKMarketing 2798 Days ago #
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I have to admit I'm usually not please when my favorite websites change. Whether it's the layout, a functionality change, or even if it is an added security layer for my own benefit. And I will admit, certain websites that have changed too much, I stop using altogether.

But even though I don't like it, I do realize that we (me) are the reasons websites change. It is necessary for a variety of reasons whether we like it or not. Interesting article.

from mitashseo 2798 Days ago #
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Either they react positive or negative, I think it is the nature of the law esecially when people are more invovled. The latest feature develped by Google in the form of Instant results is no exception to such strong reactions. However, it has got mixed reactions.

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